IYR - Easy Intraday Trading

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Bruto Blukowski, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Come join the new 52 high party for this stock - IYR.

    There's normally a sell off in the first 1/2 hour then on to quick tradable trends. Look for easy double bottoms, tops and easy rising breakouts.
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    IYR is overbought...Would wait for 88-90 to buy.

    I would be buying SSG rigt now at $66.

    Proshare ULTRA SHORT realestate index ETF
  3. Trading and trends go both ways. I'm just as comfortable shorting as riding long.

    Watch the volume as there are usually bluff size on the bid and ask.
  4. No selloff - yet. Just pure TA and great trend riding.

    Remember - stocks just don't move, they are moved.

    Big players are grabbing this for the continued long term.
  5. I saw the huge prints last morning - big volume yesterday.
  6. Too bad this stock doesn't trend when it is being bought and when it is being sold.

    Completely untradeable. What a waste of time.
  7. While I don't trade stocks any more, this one makes me seriously rethink that decision. One of the most orderly intraday trading symbols I've looked at in a long time.

    If only the ER trended like this!
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    i meant to say SRS at 66 not SSG. SRS trading at 68.75
  9. It just churns and churns all session.

    A trend or possible trends never develops.
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    Down again, this should be no surprise, its only up 35%+ in the last year. Anyone buy SRS, trading above 69.
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