IWM tick / trin

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by spreadem, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. I am just moving into the IWM trading world and wondering what tools do you IWM veterans use?

    As an SPY/ES/DOW/YM type i use the cash indicies, tick and trin. Where can I find the equivalent for the IWM?

    I know the IWM cash index is the RUT. Is there an IWM tick or IWM trin?
  2. nearly what ever cash data is available for SPY is also available for IWM. As you mentioned cash data is keyed off Russell 2000(RL).

    For example, for data provider Tradestation:

    $TICKRL - tick russell
    $ADVRL - advancing issues russell

    may I ask how do use the cash data to trade the ETF's?
  3. $TIKRL = Russell 2000 TICK in Tradestation
  4. RUT, IWM and TF trade the same even on intraday charts. I use the tick for more than the cash indicies.