IWM - The next nut to crack

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  1. I have been trading for several years.
    3 1/2 were live full time and resulted in financial losses.
    I read a lot spoke to many people tried different things but nothing seems to help or work.
    In a last ditch effort, I will post here charts of my trades in IWM.
    Asking me questions will probably not help anyone as I am what I call A NET LOSER but I hope that will change in the near future.

  2. There is fear in those trades..:( probably exacerbated by the lack of close-by "protection". The first not bad.. The second looks like what I do in moments of madness.. chasing. The first one.. stop above bar before?? At least you were trading in the right direction..

    Maybe be aware of levels ("protection") so target those areas.. Trade "young" trends?

    You must be in Fear Prison.. in the cell right next to mine..
  3. Could be fear. Could be lack of discipline.
    Time will tell.
    I just have to continue to try and follow my rules.

  4. Sorry,,.. chart here
  5. Why would I do that ? :confused:
  6. The saga continues.
    I must be making many people happy.
  7. Close to my limit.
  8. Meaning??
  9. I haven't used Ninja trader and I cant understand your trades or trading style from those charts.

    It would help if you also post a text of the trades saying - ie entered at x price with y stop, z limit etc got stopped/sold/covered at w price etc

    I trade TF a lot and am very familiar with how the Russell trades and probably could give you some useful tips and I'm sure so can others on this forum if they can understand your trades
  10. The 2pm trades... I experienced the same.. Clearly after the decline to support the correct bias was to be long.. BUT the FOMC minutes voltatilized :D the bars.. those were viscous bars,... BUT you lost your nerve once it finally moved.. exiting on THE breakout bar... fear trade.. been there done that.. You get tortured and you then are thrilled to stop the pain.. I guess we (hope to?) get paid for the pain..

    But then again I doubt great traders pain morphs into poor actions.. They find a way to trivialize small losses.
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