IWM Intraday Chart

Discussion in 'Trading' started by c_verm, May 12, 2004.

  1. c_verm


    Did anyone trade the IWM today when it bottomed with perfect head & shoulder patter? It posted a solid 90 cent rally in only a couple of minutes, then consolidated for a few minutes on low volume, only to rally another point or two in to the close. Excellent trade for the day.

    im wondering if many other ppl trade the IWM on this forum?

  2. IWM is my bread and butter. I also trade the ER2 (futures) once in a while. It trends better than other liquid instrument related to the stock market.. which makes sense because it has volatility and super liquid.

    I really preffer to swing the Russel.. but once in a while I will fire off an intraday trade.