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  1. Does anyone know when the IWM 100 lot futures are going to be traded?

    I read the CME will be introducing something like this soon?
  2. NO.. they were going to introduce a futures on 100 lot IWM shares... this is in addition to the ER2..
  3. Why would the CME come out with such a product when the RTH Russell 2000 futures volume is less than 800 contracts per day?

    It doesn't make sense.

    Try calling 1-800-331-3332
  4. It was supposed to be a futures on the 100 lot of ETF... similar to single stock futures...

    I guess it was for the retail trader?
  5. Can you please tell us why you continue to use the expression "100 lot of ETF"?

    This does not make much sense because the word "lot" in the futures business means contract.
    So in essence you are stating that there is a 100 contract ETF or Futures contract on the IWM . . . this does not make any sense.
  6. You are right.. i meant 1 lot at 100 shares.. sorry too little sleep.. lol
  7. check this out.. just found it..

  8. I think that you are confused about this subject.

    The futures contract is based on 100 shares of either the SPY, QQQQ, or IWM ETF.

    The Futures contract already trades on all 3 of these ETF's, and as I indicated earlier, the volume on the IWM futures contract is quite sparse. In fact, yesterday the IWM futures contract traded under 800 lots.

    These contracts have been trading since last June.
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    No volume. Big spread
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