IWM close

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Bob111, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Bob111


    i'm confused. what's going on with IWM close(and % change calculation obviously)?


    prev.close 93.89


    94.16. same everywhere.
    on IB's charts close is 94.12. there is no trades reported at 93.89. not even lowest price for last 5 min. how the hell close is 93.89?
    or as been said on the board-it's reported just to let 94 call expire worthless? wtf is going on here? is there is anything left in this market? can they report the closing price right?
  2. jb514


    I'm seeing the same close price. I believe the options are settled based on the arca close, but it would show up on a chart
  3. it's usually a trade traded after the market close on the previous trading date (overnight trade). Electronic exchanges mostly post them with delay. Yet, they should be filtered as they are market with different flag. I only may guess, some Yahoo's bug.