Ivy Leaguers Ready First Hedge Fund

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  1. January 14, 2009
    Two 25-year-old Harvard University graduates from Greenwich, Conn., are braving the economic downturn by joining their hometown business. The duo is launching a macro hedge fund to invest in currencies, fixed income and commodities.

    Newly-minted hedgies Brendan Petri and Manuel Aguilar next week will launch Thresher Global Management, the Stamford Advocate reports. The pair said the fund will benefit from volatility in the stock market and that they intend to grow the fund, which already has capital from three family offices and five individual investors, “as fast and as much as possible.”

    Previously, Petri worked for two years as an analyst for a private equity group with Palisade Capital Management, while Aguilar was an analyst for a private equity group with Invercorp International.
  2. Ok, so they went to Harvard... Their background is PE - not the volatility trading they talk of, so how are family offices even considering them?
  3. Wish them the best, Global Macro is sweet....:)
  4. Harvard :D
    Harvard Schmarvard!

    I'd rather give my money to my buddy, who has an exceptional education from a local Community College :D

    . . . .He's up 800% currently

    Can't wait to see another awarding winning "nobel prize" Boom and Bust (LTCM style perhaps???)