Ivy Bridge coming on Monday...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by blowingup2012, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Ivy Bridge coming Monday...

    - 100% improvement in performance in terms of onboard graphics

    - 4-13% improvement in CPU

    - 20% improvement in power consumption

    - few other tidbits like builtin USB 3.0 support


    This is really going to be a modest upgrade to the Sandy Bridge processor. The onboard graphics is impressive, but its not as good as a dedicated GPU which most laptops come with nowadays.

    In terms of battery life, this will be a great upgrade. However, if you just sit at home or plugged in at Starbucks all the time then you wont notice the difference.
  2. The Xeon E3's have already been a huge game-changer in the server world.

    Low power with onboard GPU means that IPKVM's are obsolete. You can run a really robust ~10W firewall with built-in KVM.

    As soon as VMware sorts out direct device pass-through or multi-device pass-through for these CPU/GPU combos it will be the new standard.
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  4. Performance in onboard graphics has negligible impact on trading. Drawing 2D candles and squiggly lines (indicators) is not GPU challenging.

    Speed of the processor is important. A low teen percentage improvement is not impressive. When it comes to processors, they usually double every 2 years (Moore's Law).
  5. That's not what Moore's Law says.
  6. I used that loosely. Number of transistors doubled in every 2 years. Speed, memory capacity... doubled every 18 months or something.


    Just that my point it I would be looking for a "double" improvement in next then next then next then next generation. Not a single digit.