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  1. I have been looking at the Options software for backtesting and also fee-based Options Trading service. In the latter category, I believe optionMonster is worth exploring (see my earlier post). I am looking at iVolatility.com Scanner suite - anyone with pors and cons on this software.
    So far, I believe the two best backtesting software are OPTIMAL and OPTIONVUE.

    Any comments?

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    Some of ivolatility's stuff works, some does not. I demo'd their ranker which supposedly scans for stocks with the steepest upside and downside skews. The most amazing piece of crap I've ever seen. How they can claim this does what they claim it does escapes me. Absolutely useless garbage. You wonder if anyone's bothered to actually look and see if it does anything remotely similar to what they claim it does.
  3. This has been quite an informative thread. Thanks to all.

    I have looked at several fee-based option trading services - most are liars; some try to provide what can be termed a realistic service, even going so far as to admit they are wrong sometimes; but I haven't seen any that will persuade me to subscribe.

    As I said in the first post, I want to diversify, am already trading stocks and futures and I am seeking a conservative option trading service; any suggestions? whom would you recommend?