Ive Turned £759 Capital Into Generating £18,650 Profit In 4months, At £1-£2 Per Pip!!

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  1. I was over in Brett Dogs 2k t 100k journal chatting about taxes and how i save money by not paying any, just paying higher comission....


    Here are the calculations:

    For the last few months i was trading slightly more at £1 tick, but i was having 2 - 3 trades all open at the same time.
    And back then i was doing 50 - 60trades per day though!! :eek:

    So if i was doing just 50 trades per day at £12 per trade, i have been paying £600 per day, each day for months and months now!! LOL
    600x5= £3,000 per week paid in commission!

    So £3,000 x 4 (the number of months since i left college and made the change from partime trading- to-being able to stay home and spend all day each day fulltime trading for career),
    = ive already paid (technically earnt £12,000 extra!!)

    So if i add that £12,000 + £4,831 (1st 3months going from £759 to £5,590) + £1,819 (all made in 1week this month cos was getting furniture deliveries for 1st 2weeks, and 3rd traded 3days but broke even. And starting from under £2,400 capital again).

    = Ive already actually technically, morally, hypothetically and physically generated a profit of £18,650 in 4months!!!! :D :p

    (All from a starting account of just £759!!!) :D

    Im now really starting to get fuking angry and pissed off at someone, i just don't know who i can blame this one on and take it all out at!!! :mad: LOL

    Im trying to work out some way that i can legally prove aht that spread was too high for ''fair trading''!
    And so it must be voided, and so i either get a full refund of all the profit ive actually generated, or atleast get it reduced and backdated to a fairer level of spread size that other traders could be expected to trade with, and i atleast get a refund of the difference!! LOL :D

    As any trader working for any big firm would probably burst into tears if they turned up for work 1 morning and foundout they had to use a 12ticks spread!! lol

    So it must be unfair by trading standard to impose that on me.
  2. Anyone dodgy-dealing lawyers in here that just happen to specialise in claiming back the full profit generated by a trader that they didnt get due to ridiculously high spread sizes of an sb firm?? LOL :cool: :D :cool:
  3. euclid


    It's your choice to pay 12 cent spread. You could switch to another firm and get a 6 cent spread or better.
  4. Nicely done.
  5. if u have done what u said, then
    no.1 its worse than paying taxes

    no.2 somehow ur frame of reality consciously or unconsciously is aligned with the markets now. but rest assured this wont last forever. don't worry u will know when u blow up