I've signed up with Al Brook's Price Action course

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  1. Initially, I just downloaded all the video material from youtube but later I have realized that $349 is a small price to pay for a quality course when there are people selling black box signals for $200/months. The course will go up on Aug 1, but I have nothing to do with them (I am no shill). As a member of the video course, you can access Al's forums and ask questions, etc that non-paying visitors cannot. Believe me, I am as skeptical of trading teachers as anyone but Al Brooks, by his own admission, was a losing trader for 10-years, he teaches that 10-years of losing taught him.
    What appeals to me about his price action system is that it is simple and effective. Better than any indicator or widget you might buy for the same about as his course. The downside is you must watch hours and hours of videos, often repetitive but clear and understandable.
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  2. The only issue you will have is trying to stay awake during the sessions.
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    i still think al brooks price action is the best. but I also think it is non necessarily complex. I do not know if he is intentional to make it more complex than necessary or he does not understand the core of price action.
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    Al's work is important scholarship. Study it well and you will know more than a great majority of the people on ET. There is a lot of redundancy but that serves to drive home important concepts. Congratulations on a worthy investment.
  6. Yes, but to get to REAL coma you need to get his books (3-vol) which are half the price of the video course. I find visually seeing and listening is a bit better, albeit long and dry...
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    Yes, the books are paper Demerol.
  8. The way he explains his material is absolutely horrible.

    Some of what he says makes no sense whatsoever and I believe is just flat out wrong.

    The overall concepts are solid though imo.
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    I watched a webinar and at the end he said there were 400 + setups to be aware of. Also, you will never see an Al Brooks student anticipating future movement it's always hindsight analysis.
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