I've seen insanity, and this is it ...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pattersb, May 19, 2007.

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    I get a feeling that most of you "moral majority" guys are just like the reverend Ted Haggard - wailing how gays have declared war and are ruining the country on one hand - taking a hard one up the butt on the other.

    What other reason could you have for constant wailing against gays? Not a one of you is harmed if gays marry each other, none of you are harmed if a guy tweezes his eyebrows, none of you are harmed if a gal plays basketball for a living. But these things have you all in a constant state of panic.

    But we can agree that we've both seen 'insanity'.
  3. Amazing how your subconcious thought this idea up...

    Repressed homosickuality perhaps?...:p