I've Outgrown EXCEL. What next.. IDEAS??

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    OK. So I've outgrown the capabilities of Excell -- by a mile.

    Any suggestions on what programming languages to look at using for all the number crunching and graphing?

    Any pointers to reference material would be useful as well.

    BTW. I have an MS in Computer Science so I have some programming background, but it's been many years since I've touched the stuff.

    Thanks for any advise !!
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    So besides Python, any other useful languages that people tend to use?
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  4. For Charting Data In Excel...
    Graphing in Excel sucks from the very start... but you can throw any summed or formula data from Excel into Sierra Charts which has first class charts... and can be on multiple windows with multiple monitors..

    we have done this and it works fine...

    For Number Crunching...
    You can slam the data from Excel into SQL Sever or another DB and then run stored procs as triggers... and then send the results back...

    we have done this and it works fine...

    if you need it faster than stored procs or 3D match graphs, etc... then you will need to go to something else...

    good luck...
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    I use R. Check out quantmod, FOSS Trading (my blog), and Rmetrics. Hopefully that gives you an idea of what you can accomplish with R.
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    Major thanks for all the input !!

    Very useful to me.
  7. Palo.

  8. May want to take a look at: http://www.gigaspaces.com/excel before abandoning Excel.

    Excel That Scales High-Performance, Scalable Excel Solutions, powered by GigaSpaces

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    The joint solution from Microsoft and GigaSpaces combines the latest Microsoft technologies – Office Excel (2003 and 2007), SharePoint Server and Windows HPC Server 2008 (Windows Compute Cluster Server) – with the GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) to deliver unparalleled usability, performance, and scalability.

    The solution harnesses the power of the data center to scale Excel-based applications:

    Offload data from Excel to the GigaSpaces “memory cloud “ (with an in-memory data grid, which provides an unlimited database scale-out capability)

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    Support for disconnected mode
    Dramatically reduce processing times and enable real-time decision making
    Share data among multiple Excel users and enable better collaboration
    Free up desktop resources
    Shield users from desktop and server failures
    Enable Excel applications to scale up (and down) to meet varying load
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    Great info.... Thanks again!
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