I've Never Seen Such Emotion About An Election...

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  1. This "Obama fever" concerns me a great deal. In fact I could go so far as to say it scares me. Not like I'm feeling, "this is going to be annoying", but rather I fear it's going to turn out really badly....

    And Obama scares me... A LOT!

    Not that I want McCain/Palin... I don't.
  2. hughb


    You mention once that you are concerned and twice that you are scared. No need to get so emotional. Government has very little effect on your everyday life. Your life will be the same regardless of who sits in the White House.
  3. I'm not thinking about the first week or the first year...
  4. Many of those with Obama fever won';t show up to the polls or mostly reside in California.
  5. As hughb pointed out, you appear to be expressing some of the very emotions that you are referring to.

    In the best case scenario, emotion could be a good thing. The more that people are invested in the political process the more likely that someone like GWB never comes near the White House again, except as Joe's assistant to fix the plumbing. I think that emotions are running high for a number of reasons. First, there is outrage at the conduct of the Bush administration. Second, thinking people have had enough of the hate and fear mongering, at which the Republicans are so adept and which they display in full splendor during election campaigns. And third, it appears that enough people are recognizing genuine leadership material in Obama, and it is an exciting change of pace. He comes across as a decent, thinking person who genuinely gives a shit. As The Economist pointed out, selecting a presidential candidate is not without risk, however, Obama is the best bet of the viable alternatives.

    As for the radical Republican emotions of hate and fear, those are always there. They are merely surfacing at present.

    Gnome, give the man a chance. All else being equal, it can only get better.
  6. I agree. It's creepy...some of these people acting like he's the 2nd coming.

    I'm confident he'll bring change but I don't think it's the change all the believers are expecting. And that is when the "fever" will turn into a serious infection with these people.
  7. Gord


    Here's what we know about Obama (the scoundrels list):

    Obama's grandparents and mother
    Marxist sympathizers

    Frank Marshall Davis - teenage Obama's mentor and possible biological father
    Communist and child molester

    Michelle Obama - wife
    Very bitter outlook on life and America, segregationist

    Saul Alinsky - Obama learned community organizing under proselytes of Alinsky
    Communist sympathizer, radical political disruption, wrote Rules for Radicals

    Acorn - community organization Obama associated with in his organizing days
    Known for widespread voter fraud and promoting the affirmative mortgage programs that have led to the worldwide financial meltdown

    Tony Rezko - financial backer and personal friend
    Felon, slumlord and part of the Chicago machine politics

    William Ayers - friend, political mentor, wrote Obama's two books
    Started Weather Underground, unrepentant domestic terrorist, hates America

    Bernadine Dohrn - partner of William Ayers
    Domestic terrorist, hates America

    Jeremiah Wright - spiritual mentor of Barack for 20 years
    Black liberation theology (communism), racist, hates America, anti-Semite

    Jeremiah Wright's church - Obama's church
    A congregation that cheers America bashing and racism

    Khalid al-Mansour - patron, facilitated Obama's law schooling
    Started Black Panthers, hates America, anti-Semite

    Rashid Khalidi - friend, Obamas babysat his children
    Pro-Palestinian anti-Semite, supports suicide bombing

    Father Flager - another spiritual mentor and friend
    Hates America, anti-Semite

    Raila Odinga - Muslim, Kenyan presidential candidate in 2007 supported and advised by Obama
    His supporters murdered 1,500 and displaced 600,000, also promised to institute sharia law

    Franklin Raines/Jim Johnson - Former heads of Fannie Mae, advisors to Obama's campaign, raised money for Obama
    Both have been singled out for impropriety and a leading cause of the current world financial meltdown

    Louis Farrakhan - head of the Nation of Islam, friend of Wright and Flager, organized Million Man March that Obama attended
    Hates America, racist, anti-Semite

    Cynthia K Miller - Obama's senate campaign treasurer
    Member of Nation of Islam, racist, anti-Semite

    Jennefer Mason - Obama's Director of Constituent Services
    Member of Nation of Islam, racist, anti-Semite

    Shakir Muhammad - Obama senate campaign consultant
    Member of Nation of Islam, racist, anti-Semite

    Kenny Gamble (also known as Luqman Abdul-Haqq) - cut the ribbon to the Obama campaign headquarters housed in a South Philadelphia building he owns - self-styled "amir" of the United Muslim Movement, he has many links to Islamist organizations, including CAIR and the Muslim Alliance in North America. (MANA's "amir" is Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.)
    Racist, anti-Semite

    Mazen Asbahi - Obama campaign's first Muslim outreach coordinator, associated with Hamas funding
    Racist, anti-Semite

    Minha Husaini - Obama campaign's second Muslim outreach coordinator, has publicly supported Hamas and Hizbullah
    Racist, anti-Semite

    Robert Malley - Obama campaign advisor, Hamas sympathizer
    Racist, anti-Semite

    Abongo (Roy) Obama - Barack's brother
    Marxist, radical Muslim, anti-Semite

    Joe Biden - Obama's vice presidential candidate
    Plagiarizer, racist, gaffe machine, liar extraordinaire


    And here's what we don't know about Obama (the secrecy list):

    Can't see his vault certificate of live birth

    Can't see his student grades

    Can't see his student writings

    Can't see his legal cases

    Can't see his state legislative records

    Can't see his small donors list

    Can't see his medical records

    Can't his Anneberg Challenge records without them being sanitized first

    Can't ask about his associations

    Can't see a supposedly innocent video of Obama at a dinner party


    And you want us to give the man a chance?!? :confused:

    What kind of a moron are you? :confused:
  8. Not so much.

    I remember after 12 years of Reagan Bush I there was palpable angst over the over the prospect of Clinton/Gore. Everything works itself out in the end.

    However, what we weren't counting on was the 8 year reign of Bush the dumber. So never mind.

  9. Do not be afraid, it will all be OK. Its just that this is new to alot of people (1st black man as our President) and sometimes new things can be scary. But you have nothing to fear. If you eat milk and cookies before bedtime, you will still be able to do the same thing after Obama will be elected, i promise. :)
  10. Ditto.
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