I've Never felt so in Tune with the Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Flashboy, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. Please don't take this as me bragging.. I just want to express that I've been trading off and on for approx. 4 years now.. never been successful until recently..

    I posted yesterday that I met my weekly goal.. well .. today I exceeded it even more...

    I must say I have never felt so in tune with the market.. I started out the day down.. and never once did I think I was done for the day.. I kept saying to myself ..no problem.. a good trade will be coming shortly and I'll get it back and then some.. and sure enough.. I did.. I was aggressive when needed to be and pulled back when things weren't going my way.. I'm not sure what it is but since Tuesday I have just been able to read the market so well..

    I hope this is a sign of things to come and not just a one time fluke..

    I'm going to have a relaxing weekend and hit the charts Sunday night..

    Good luck all.. and have a good weekend...

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    Sounds like an epiphany.
  3. That is great... Don't let your new confidence ruin your self-discipline and you will be set!
  4. The most harmonious feel in the world isn't it?
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    Keep up the good work! The key is to do that everyday! And be humble and work hard. The market is bigger than any of us.

    have a good weekend!

  7. This is great news... when I started trading, the fantastic market conditions were such that I was making money dam easily with hardly any risk control... but when bad trading conditions hit, I had a rude awakening and quickly lost a lot of money... that was when I started to work on my game, cos it was then I realized I was just a shit trader who got lucky in great market conditions... it was quite a slow bleed till I turned things around, but I do remember a distinct feeling that I was going through.... your words above basically summarized how I felt at the time that I hit relatively consistent profitability as a trader... savor the moment and welcome to the 5% club (I hope)... hopefully for you, there is no going back to your times as a struggling trader, and you can now profitably enjoy the game for the rest of your trading life...
  8. Thanks for the encouragement people... I'm so excited its hard to control myself..

    I almost sad its the weekend since the markets will be closed..

    I do feel a strange almost calm confidence now.. I hope you're right candletrader.. I hope its the coming of a consistently profitable trader.. and not just gas..

    thanks again.

  9. Good stuff! Stay focused, and hopefully the groove will stay with you for a while! I find that when I'm on the Mountaintop, the profits I make will carry me through the Valleys.... "just don't go spendin' it all on some fancy record player".

    p.s. If you can bottle the groove (your mojo?), we've all got cash to spend on it. :p
  10. becareful because it can be very dangerous. When I am down big at the open, i usually change my gameplan from getting it all back at one time (revenge trading) to making small winners to help cover some of the losses. with patience u might end the day up alot :)
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