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  1. I know this is going to sound insane, but suddenly, after taking a couple of sizable losses, I feel like I've forgotten how to trade. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and wondering how other traders look for set ups in the morning. I can remember trading news events like it was nothing day in and day out, and suddenly I've lost it. The whole thought process. Alzheimer's? I don't know.
  2. Dont let your losses get to you. Say "f--k you market!", and jump

    back in. Just be careful not to over trade.
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    yes, we need liquidity providers. Pls jump right back in.
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    This has happened to most of us I would imagine. The cure is to take a complete break from the markets for a couple of weeks. Works every time for me.
  6. Yea you got alzheimers
  7. Much better than blowing up demo accounts.
  8. yeah been there. Was reading too much into the market and engulfed myself in it.

    Get away for a while. You'll come back clear headed.

    Vacations are key in the profession.
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    This has not happened to me yet, but it is a real fear that I have, since I don't have a purely mechanical system. I am always a little nervous before the market opens about precisely this.
  10. Trust yourself. Fear is replaced with trusting in what you have learned (also in what you have learned and seemingly forgotten BUT the knowledge is in there somewhere to resurface at the appropiate time). You are armed, prepared to face what you see and make/act on the correct decisions. Not to be confused with confidence.
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