i've lost 400k the last 2 months i'm quitting

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hedgeking, Jun 28, 2006.

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  3. i would bet neither floor traders if forced into the screen.
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  4. Yes I have already seen that first hand....LOL! :D
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  5. What does your family say? Do they know? Do you consider yourself a Trader with a gambling habit? Do you consider yourself always to be a trader? Do you feel Suicidal?

    I wanted to put all of your posts together (31 minutes of time) up to this point.

    Michael B.

    06-28-06 04:47 PM

    i've dropped 400k since may 10th and i'm throwing in the towell dead broke. i was long everything from mrvl to brcm and was margined huge. i just couldn't take a lose and now it's over. i wish all the best of luck

    06-28-06 04:54 PM

    i left with 15k. i just froze. i hedged nothing as i was paralzed. it seems like a bad dream. waking up every morning with butterflies. i've put my family in grave risk now as my gambling addiction wiped me out.

    06-28-06 05:02 PM

    why would i lie? i thought maybe my exp could save someone else the pain i've gone threw

    06-28-06 05:18 PM

    i'm in shock now to be honest and have no idea what i'll do. i've already started taking cash advances on my credit cards to live on the next few months till i figure out a course of action. i actually had some hope till yesterday and today as mrvl collapsed almost 10 pts
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  6. Cheese


    Well there is no use being a smart ass to someone who has f**ked himself up the butt so royally with real losses.

    I cannot understand addiction to 'throw away' gambling; its a subliminal & urgent demand by the individual to expose & prove himself as a self loser.

    From such self flagellation the good news is that it will lead to better things for Hedgeking and a learnt perspective.
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  7. Choad


    It was probably $4 mil...

    But hey, you still got your show! :p

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  8. There are two posters...Chood and Choad right?
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  9. Ok here is how you get your money back...Buy 600 SIRI Jan '08 12.50 call options. The ask is .25 right now. If SIRI hits $19 dollars...BAM you got your money back! :)
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  10. R0R, siri is indebted to the neck, zero profits since its ipo and debts increasin' qt to qt...chances are it wont see $10 in 5yrs.
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