i've lost 400k the last 2 months i'm quitting

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hedgeking, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. why would i lie? i thought maybe my exp could save someone else the pain i've gone threw
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  2. Yes I do agree this is exactly like gambling (or can be, to qualify my statement). Your life is not over as money will never hold any true value near as equal to your overall life. Right now get your head straight and take a step back from everything to evaluate your options here. Find a way to make well thought out decisions for the next few months and do not do anything impulsive at this time - in the state your in now, most have a tendency to make a string of terrible decisions that are all emotionally based....not good!

    Think everything out and act slow as you move forward - this may turn out to be a great turning point in your life, as many in this world have made great break throughs from massive defeats.

    Best wishes to you!
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  3. what will you do now? got any plans to get back on your feet?

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  4. You said so yourself you have a gambling additction, seriously condsider GA. 12 step programs have a high success rate for those that want to change.
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  5. WinSum


    Can you elaborate when you went long and what you went long on (ie. MRVL & BRCM) and why did you decide to go long on those stocks ?

    How and when did you decide to average down ? What type of pyramding method did use ?

    So we can learn from your experience.
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  6. Exodus


    My friend I know this seems like the end of the world BUT it's NOT.

    I've seen 2 market crashes and seen MANY folks wiped out and even seniors BUT they all went on to recover and learn from their mistakes, even if it meant NEVER putting $$ into the markets again!!!

    I've also seen a few people commit suicide and all that did was put their families in much worse conditions.

    It's only $ and it can be made again, take some time for yourself (not too much) and get up and shake yourself off and start all over again (I recommend a brand new business).

    In a few years from now you can be right back where you where!

    Stay Strong and God Bless.
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  7. Yea, my gut tells me it's a troll who can't pull the trigger so he comes on here to seek identification with his false identity as a trader, albeit a failed one.

    If he said he doubled his account, he'd get flamed. So, he says he lost and he gets a group hug. My guess is he's never traded, maybe 100 share lots. Cheers
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  8. sorry for your loss bro...

    Sincerely wish you nothing but the best in the futures. It takes a strong soul to admit their mistake.

    again.. best of luck with everything.
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  9. i'm in shock now to be honest and have no idea what i'll do. i've already started taking cash advances on my credit cards to live on the next few months till i figure out a course of action. i actually had some hope till yesterday and today as mrvl collapsed almost 10 pts
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  10. some detalis surroundin' your transactions and the motives behind your choice of stocks+avg price would be welcomed.

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