i've lost 400k the last 2 months i'm quitting

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  1. i've dropped 400k since may 10th and i'm throwing in the towell dead broke. i was long everything from mrvl to brcm and was margined huge. i just couldn't take a lose and now it's over. i wish all the best of luck
  2. So you were not hedged?
  3. Shit man sorry to hear that. I don't know what else to say. Jeez.
  4. If it's not too late, put your assests offshore under a corp. You did says you were margained right? How much do you owe? Or did you already make the margain calls?
  5. jeez, both stocks took a serious tumble, unlucky to step into 'em when reprts where horrendous....hope u could afford to lose all that money and that u didnt leverage u buttz in the chase of big wins....still rather massive beatin' u took, and pretty much avoidable.
  6. Man, I am really sorry to hear . . . 400K is a lot of $ to me . . . Best of luck.
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  8. i left with 15k. i just froze. i hedged nothing as i was paralzed. it seems like a bad dream. waking up every morning with butterflies. i've put my family in grave risk now as my gambling addiction wiped me out.
  9. Memo to anyone else who doesn't know how to take a lose....give your money to someone who knows how to take a loss.

    "you say lose...I say loss...let call the whole thing off"

  10. Hedge King went directional on huge margins ? It's oxymoron.
    Somehow I don't believe that you lost , but if you did , I'm sorry to hear it.
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