I've got the post-Obama blues

Discussion in 'Options' started by bjcmga, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. bjcmga


    So, my first post....

    I've got a bunch of Aug10 Debit Spreads - Bull calls obviously :>(

    Most turned from a few dollars in the black (about 20% of profit target) in to the red (about 30% towards max loss). My game plan would usually have me out at a 20% loss, however these were unusual times. It was an accross the board drop precipitated by, I assume, the new rules on placed on financial institutions.

    I'm thinking of riding it for another week before considering an adjustment - most likely a roll out to the next month.

  2. Stay long.

    It is expected that we will reach new 52 week highs by mid-August, then we hit a bear market.
  3. Carl K

    Carl K

    You have done well by starting with a plan,
    and being hedged (limiting your risk).
    Next, follow your plan.
    Include, "What if" (adjustments) in your plan.
    Rule, don't change your plan mid stream. (self discipline)

    Enjoy life, it's limited.
    You only get as much as you take.