I've chosen to be a stockbroker, because I'm a product of the greedy 80s.

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  1. Altough I was a very young kid during the 80s, at home we had satellite TV (an expensive novelty in Latin America).

    MTV, Miami Vice, and all movies that displayed wealth got me hooked.

    So I became a stockbroker, to manage wealth.
  2. what's your point? You're happy or pissed?
  3. Happy.

    My point is, you have to be focused on money to be succesful in the financial markets.

    You need to:

    A. Born in the greedy 80s.

    B. Come from a Jew family

    C. Come from a family that knows (and teaches you) how to manage businesses and investments.
  4. After reading your posts on ET, I am thoroughly convinced you have a mental disability of some sort.

    One minute you are a short term daytrader, then you are a money manager, then you realize only value investors can survive in the market, then you want to be a stockbroker.

    Have you ever heard of Walter Mitty?

    While I agree that this thread does pertain to psychology inasmuch that it should be in a Clinical Psychology section somewhere, it has nothing to do with traditional Trading Psychology.

    Chit Chat.
  5. i think he could be a personality of cold/c-kid
  6. That's a good point, I definitely see the similarities now that you mention it.
  7. possibly, but he usually does not go over 100 posts before jumping to a new alias.
  8. Another good point. This crgarcia character also seems to be serious, whereas usually after a few posts from apak/c-kid/cold you can figure out he is being facetious.
  9. Illum


    Miami Vice inspired your life eh..

    Holy Christ.......
  10. Agree.
    He is some sort of half baked mulatto wop fantasist.:p
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