I've been telling you clods this for years

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  1. well at least you have been a member since 2001, it's funny when you see the same type of thread title and then the OP registered like 3 months earlier :D
  2. yeah, but this nick is actually leased out, so I only have had it for 2 weeks.
  3. I totally agree with that article.

    The problem for now is that these HFT's, in aggregate control and have access to a *huge* amount of capital that they now drive the market in whichever direction they want, at least for 30 min-1 day. This has changed the character of US market in last 2-3 years substantially.

    Too bad the morons in Washington don't impose a 1 Bps charge on trading. That would certainly kill these computerized thieves and generate some dough in taxes at the same time!

    For those who don't understand Bps calculations, 1 bps=.0001

    The tax being proposed earlier this year was 25 Bps. That's a huge difference but big enough to drive these morons out of business.

    I'm sick & tired of seeing fake prices/size changing every second.
    Total garbage!
  4. no shit, I've been bitching about the noise these morons create for many years.

    That and the fact that they are basically taking unfair advantage by co locating and seeing the book before anyone else.

    soes bandits did the same thing. this guy is right on , if a little late to the party.
  5. And the thieves fool the public in several ways.

    For example, 1 thing they claim is that spreads are now narrower and it saves the "public" $xxx Ha! What's the use of some spread being "narrow" if the prices moves like crazy up & dn every 5 seconds? That's not helping anybody. That's just enticing people to play in their casino. It's all fake shit. It's not true buying/selling at all. No thanks!
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    Don't compete with them. Ease off your bar interval to where their noise is not affecting your strategy.. oh, wait, you guys are trading off the DOM /T&S or something.....

    Marx was right, the guys with the machines make the money...
  7. Nothing preventing you from colocating. 10g a month should give you a pretty nice shot.
  8. did you see the machines in RIMM after it touched 71.
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    check out the white paper on this page
    Themis Trading White Paper: Toxic Equity Trading Order Flow on Wall Street

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