I've been out of sync with but I'm back!!!

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  1. For the past few days, I've been out of sync with the market. I'm not saying it's hard, I'm just saying I'm was out of sync! For the past 2 weeks, I've been underperforming (4 out 10 days, below my norm of trading, not loss... actually 2 days loss... -2.3% total). Well, anyways, I've been trying to find a way to get myself into sync.

    Some people actually leave when they have a bad day, some people start papertrading for a while until their back(that's me) and some put their mind off the market during lunch like reading a book, playing a video game, sleep, workout, talking to other traders(if you have the luxury to know a few or chat online) and etc. etc.. Well, I've found a new one. No it's not sex, jacking off, or surfing porn sites... (LOL). I notice a few things I can do so for the past 2 weeks, here's what empirically worked:

    1. Cleaning up my house.(It's weird that before you start you're not motivated but once you start, you can't stop and keep on finding things you want to organize...)

    2. Downloading MP3s. (I just became a big Disturbed Fan and was downloading their song. I can't seem to find the new System of a Down album songs... I want my "Intervision")

    3. Playing the online game "Asheron's Call", (It's a online multiplayer roleplaying game. I just re-rolled to a OG-UA and lvling that guy in the Citadel... sorry if my comments are to nerdish... but I actually am)
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    for a moment I though the thread start by thecaracal but welcome back I didn't even know you left. Every stocks I look they are forming H&S I think market is very close to the top, how about you?
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    I used to play on Thistledown for a year. Had a level 93 OG, 60 some dagger with 3 hilts.
  4. Yeah, but H&S formations may look like DBs a few days later...:D
  5. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Do you put things in neat 90 degree angles, too?

    Anyone who likes System of a Down is suffering from an inferiority complex.

    Possible Dissociative Identity Disorder. You are actualizing your own internal fears and desires upon your role playing character and desensitizing yourself to your own failures. The online character is an escape for you because, if you fuck up something, you can just reset the game. The beauty of it is that you can advance levels much more quickly than in real life and learn spells to defeat your adversaries.

    Get help man.
  6. Just like MTV, "Justin Timberlake is like sooooo cute.... woooooooo!!!!!"

    .... I feel so gay....
  7. LOL... I guess I'm kinda crazy with all the psychological disorders and complexes.

    So everyone who plays video games are crazy...

    I need help... LOL...
  8. I meant... back in sync... not ET...
  9. WD, i was very glad to read that you took responsiblity for not being in tune with the market rather than blaming the market for your underperformance...i'm sick of reading the whiners who say "it's sooo hard to make money now waaahhhhh"

    i'll have to try the house cleaning stuff when i get out of sync with the market. I personally can't concentrate on new trades when i have a string of losers...i find it better to just leave and come back after I have mentally worked through what I did wrong etc.

    played most of the online games and soon got bored of them.
    mostly i'm playing warcraft3, counterstrike, ....and some gamecube. that's about it. Am I anti-social? HELL YEAH.
  10. I actually had a lvl 70 BM in TD but a few months back, they erased all inactive accounts and I lost it all. I just started a few weeks ago... I play in TD too...
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