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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Ivanovich, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Feel free to post your trades, any pairs. They need to be real trades, with times, stops, and profit goals (unless you choose to leave them open, just say so).

    I'll start with one for today.

    Sold USD/JPY @ 108.06 - 500,000 units with stop just above exporter support @ 108.55. Profit goal is open.

    Going to closely moderate this thread - so post your trades in a clear manner if you wish to participate.
  2. PaulRon


    Hope this still counts, but went short AUD/USD yesterday @ .9518 for 250K units with S/L .9540 and T/P around .85

    will be adding to this short during pullbacks and will post when i do

    <img src="http://elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=2012331">
  3. I'll take the other side of that, Buy @ 108.06, stop @ 107.63, target 108.45 (move stop to break-even at 108.30), then....

    Short at 108.45 and 108.65 (average price 108.55) with a 35 pip stop @ 108.90 and a target of 108.37 (yeah I know R:R is skewed, story of my life!)

    *No real money is on the line here so don't trade this on a live account, just for fun as I'm a scalper and enter trades as they happen!
  4. cstfx


    Gone long NZDUSD @ 7335 with a target of .74-.7440. If it hits early, then reverse the trade. Stop around .7280. Either way, flat the trade going into NFP.
  5. Short USDJPY from 108.10. SL 108.45, TP 107.60 on half.
  6. faure


    long usdcad at 1.0235; stops @ 1.0215 & 1.0200. getting out above 1.0300
  7. PaulRon


    Are we allowed to be critical here?

    Oh well... I think I know what you're doing here in playing the channel, but why set your take profit above 1.03? Why not actually <b>play the breakout</b> of the channel? Why limit yourself? If we break out up, which I think we will, I'm converting my base currency from CAD to USD in Oanda (I'm canadian) since I think it could run quite a ways. just my $.02
  8. Here's another one...

    Short EUR/ISK @ 124.83, Stop 140.00, target 114.00

    Time frame x months to x years but at least the interest is good!
  9. You can absolutely be critical, so long as you're civil.

    And Cable, you're not taking the other side of my trade if you're not really doing it! :)

    I feel better now, though, because Atticus is on my side. (I'm being completely serious).
  10. PaulRon


    Ivan, do you have buy stops at 108.55? I think USD/JPY could really fly if we get to that level....

    Are you guys noticing anything with usd pairs? Most are pointing to a big move one way or the other with some already pointing towards a dollar rally... I think the counter-trend dollar rally is coming, it's just a matter of when.
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