Ivan's Trade Thread, part II

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  1. Similar to the first thread where we posted trades, in this thread, you need to post more than just your trade. If you just wish to ask questions on particular trades, feel free. If you are going to post actual trades, I would request that you first tell us a bit about yourself and your trading. If there is some information you do not wish to share, that is fine. Say so. Tell us whether or not you're trading a live account, or a demo. Tell us the size of your overall account (estimated - you don't have to give us specifics). Let us know whether you are making a trade on fundamental or technical basis. If you've got charts, post them. If you don't want to mention your stop, don't. But let us know there is a stop in place.

    I reserve the right to remove trades in this thread that do not meet this criteria, or are random in nature, or off topic. All pairs are game.
  2. I trade a live account, the balance of which is between the mid 200 and 300 k range. Many of my trades are technically driven, with fundamental backstops. I especially like fading extreme trends (and have got the scars to prove it). My preferred pairs to trade are high yield pairs (AUD/NZD/TRY) but I also mess with the CAD. I almost never trade EUR/USD. Usual size is between 75,000 and 500,000 units, depending on the pair. I'll first post my "still open trades" from the previous thread, and I'll tell you a bit about them after lunch today :) I'm hungry.

    1. Long, AUD/JPY 350,000 units @ 86.97 for return to 89.

    2. Short 75,000 units EUR/TRY @ 1.7605 for 1.74.

    I will not post all of my trades, but all trades that I do post here will be live and active in my account. That is because I am not trying to create a journal here, nor am I trying to give away how I trade completely. This is for educational purposes for anyone who might have questions for me, as well as my ability to re-examine some of the things I do wrong, and some I do right.

    I'll post after pizza :)
  3. For AUD/JPY - my technical reasons are in the chart.

    For EUR/TRY - There's been a range between 1.7650 and 1.7350 for a few weeks now. I'm playing the top of the range.
  4. Well thanks for the new journal as I was greatly monitoring your first thread. I am a trader have been for 11 years or so. But new to FX. I am making the transition now from futures trading. I trade the minis(indicies) I am an intra-day trader and use s/r trendlines and price action to make my trades. While I do not hold futures overnight. I will being doing that somewhat with FX. I will use my basic price action strategy, (I keep it simple) in FX. I just wanted to introduce myself because I will probably be the one asking a bunch of questions about some trades:) But no worries I wont throw the thread of track. I think this thread will be greatly beneficial, for vets and newer FX traders like myself. Oh and I am with MB trading for FX. Still on demo for a while though.

    Great trading to all.
  5. AUD/JPY trade - stop moved to break even.
  6. sam0182


    I'm Sam.

    I've been trading Forex live since Feb 2008. Messed with stocks in years before that but never anything serious.

    I keep a journal/blog at www.samtradesfx.com My account size is just shy of 4k, small, but I increase it 100-200% every couple of months as I progress in trading. I look to be trading a 15-20k account in another 12 months, granted I continue to progress in both consistent gains & experience/confidence.

    I shoot for very small gains, no more than 20% a year. I don't want to double my account every six months. I want to be able to trade a larger account for smaller gains. Money management is my best friend. I have the utmost respect to those who trade differently...but I try and stay focused on my game plan.

    I'm technical based and try to bring the fundies in whenever possible. I don't scalp and don't mind holding trades into the weekend. I also don't trade very often in attempt to wait for setups that I feel most comfortable with.

    I work full time, putting in 60+ hours a week. Engineering. I have a background in small business, with a couple of tiny, sole-owner start-ups under my belt (.com's dealing with import/export + online retail/wholesale distribution).

    I’m happy to be here and really appreciate Ivan’s work at keeping a clean(er) corner to post & converse in...amongst the mass of lacking ET threads.
  7. Looking forward to seeing some of your trades, Sam. Welcome. Also, that link doesn't work.
  8. sam0182


    Thanks Ivan. I believe I fixed the link...thanks for the heads up :)
  9. gwac



    Euro/usd is test an hourly resistance from last Aug...

    Held 4 or 5 times so far

    Interesting if it breaks... Could lead to a much heavier correction next week.
  10. ssbc19


    I'm a college student trading on technicals. Most of my experience is with trading stock and options. I started trading FX in July.

    Right now I'm in the process of learning and developing my trading timeframe/style.

    I'm trading a live account with Oanda, but it's under $100. I think it's a cheap way to learn and it's better than papertrading because I still have some money on the line.
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