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  1. In the grand tradition of Tums comes the Rusky lushky, the vlad of vodka, the troll of Trotsky.. Ivan.. the mildly terrible
  2. zdreg


    iva...took my suggestion to move this thread to chit chat and leave the OP intact. of course being IVA ... he thinks it was his own idea.

    as for ETFtrader 24 this thread was moved to chitchat from psychology because you hijacked this thread- with your arrogant irrelevant illogical dribble..
  3. Lucrum


  4. How does Lucrum see any posts on ET when he has the world on ignore?
  5. MOST of the world is worth ignoring.

  6. Turn off your computer.. problem solved
  7. Eh, I don't let strangers on the internet bother me but I see Lucrum's point. When he hits that ignore button, he is in control and whoever HE wants to disappear.....does.

  8. Pfft.. he's an amatuer.. it's 2.30 in the morning here.. I made 4 and a half grand on the morning session.. and the 3 Martini's took care of making people disappear
  9. I know you think you're a smart cookie (and I hate to prove to you otherwise), but I had nothing to do with the moving of this thread. I don't have moderator abilities over the psychology or announcement forum.

    I do, however, have moderator ability in chit chat. I could delete it, but why do so when folks like you damage yourselves far more than I could ever hope for? Besides, the martini suggestion by the previous poster sounds excellent. :)


  10. Amatuer or not, if he decides you're a douche, BAM you are gone from his screen. Can you imagine how great that would be in the real world. You're having a nice dinner but the cocksucker next to you is jammering away and very loudly. Poof, he's gone.

    So you drink and trade, eh?

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