Ivanovich: the moderator from hell

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Mr. Gates, Jul 11, 2008.

Has Ivanovich gone too far?

  1. Yes absolutely

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  2. No, I support him moving trading threads like Detectives

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  1. This boy must have been beaten up on a daily basis as a teenager, and/or he was always left behind the velvet ropes trying to get into the club because he has the ultimate napoleonic complex. He actually had the nerve to move this insightful trading thread to chit chat:


    He has also been questioned by his own moderating team, as well as engaging in other highly questionable antics.

    Whats worse, he is obviously sucking up to the trolls of ET by trying to buddy up to the "urgent message" pikers which is obviously NOT a trading thread. This joke of a thread is only rennick STEALING signals from another vendor, and posting them in journal form. Such originality ET can be proud of.

    He also moved rowshans thread after trying to censor off rowshans reply to at least 10 inflammatory posts by steve46. So steve46 can savagely attack someone elses thread relentlessly, but it's not allowed for the thread starter to respond even once? Great moderation !! LMAO!!

    He is hardly serving the cause of the establishment, but what power hungry bouncer ever is?
  2. Hi, Rowshan. Sorry you're so ticked I moved your self-derailed thread to chit-chat, but perhaps you should have spent more time posting trading info and less insulting everyone.

    Either way, matters little to me, mate.

    New nick, same cluelessness.
  3. Of course, little napoleon feels no need nor desrie to address other little "issues" affecting ET MEMBERS like the moving of detectives thread to chit chat.

    He's above answering to you detective.


    Could this subject be any MORE relevant to todays trading environment?? little napoleon, no comment?
  4. How many times you going to post the same post and link? Do you think you're going to change my mind or affect anyone else by repeatedly doing it?

    Knock yourself out. But that's precisely the reason your posts got moved (the 9/11 repeated posting crap). You are your own worst enemy.
  5. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Nice that you're starting yet another poll. Because your 1st poll was started all of 3 weeks after registering with the Mr. Gates alias. And I guess you were just in such a hurry to show your thanks and appreciation for being permitted to post here...

    Should ET face boycott until they clean up the scam sponsors?
  6. I think Ivan is a fair mod, and he has my full support.
  7. Thank you for your thoughts.

    You really believe I should be appreciative for posting here? You do know the circumstances that brought me here in the first place, don't you?
  8. I notice the "vote" so far is 8 to 1 in favor of moving "Detectives" thread....

    I've already said my piece about moderators in general. I don't agree with everything they do, but look at what they have to work with....

    At the very least they deserve our thanks and some respect...

    Thats it

  9. Hear,Hear !!!
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