Ivanovich moves a Martingale strategy post to Chit Chat

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Daal, Aug 28, 2009.

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    That's because it's a ridiculous trading strategy. Especially when you consider that, unlike roulette, you are paying commissions on each trade you make, so that even if you dig out of the hole, the small amount you make will be nearly wiped out by the commissions you had to pay along the way.
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    So all the strategies and opinions which Ivanovich considers 'silly' ought to be moved to chit chat?There will be a hell lot of threads being moved, pretty much almost every BuyLowSellHigh thread
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    I suppose its ok for Ivanovich to move all posts from people who says position size ought to be set by Kelly criterion, that is if he considers that 'silly'
  5. It was a dumb thread that deserved to be moved....
    I doubt the OP even knew this was the Martingale strategy. He titled the thread "100% winning strategy", what does that tell you?
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    Does anyone believe that the OP of that thread was actually being serious?

  7. Even though the thread could be termed silly but the responses were serious enough for it to be a legit trading thread. :cool:
  8. Aw c'mon Chief,

    We've all gotten in trouble and had to resort to that strat until we hit a winner. It works well with football bets and the local bookie...if you have the BALLS...

    Fast Rennick out:cool:
  9. 1. What Baron said.
    2. The thread was titled "100% Winning Strategy". Dead giveaway that the thread will, in all likelihood, be junk or spam.
    3. (after the fact) your reference to Nazi Germany in regards to me, which makes you a loser of the argument via Godwin's Law.
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