IVAN- Dont worry about fundamentals, just buy it

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  1. It appears oil stocks are in their last legs of a clearly speculative year 2000-like BUBBLE.

    You have already seen what happened to Pyramid and Mexco going from the single digits to double digits in a month.

    Now I have one stock for you and thats IVAN. Dont worry about the fundamentals.

    You can either buy the oil drillers at their 20-50 day moving average which will be good for a trade or two or just buy one of these highly speculative 1-3 dollar stocks that will balloon into the double digits in little time.

    Dont worry about fundamentals, just buy it.
  2. i might pick some up, love lotto tickets
  3. Somehow I feel like we are in the final phase of the oil-bubble. This is the phase where the junk stocks start to jump like wild just like the tech bubble. I just watched as Pyramid and Mexco went through the roof. A $5000 purchase of Mexco at $5 would have yielded $40000 in return.

    This is how guys made millions from thousands during the tech bubble. Those who were fortunate enough to be in early enough would use lots of margin. $10000 became over a hundred thousand literally overnight.
  4. Problem with IVAN is that it's being pumped everywhere I look. That doesn't instill confidence.
  5. vince111


    Oil at $600/barrel is a bubble all else being equal.

    this isn't even a pump

  6. Best of luck to you.

    I do think thats how a lot of people turned millions into thousands also
  7. I thought this thread was a message to me.
  8. -5% so far today
  9. LONG at 2.66

    stop at 2.54
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