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    I know this is well off topic but I can't find a board that discusses Itunes. Do you know any? I would reccomend the new itunes for windows it is much better program than real, music match or windows media player. I want to put my cd collection onto itunes but it is copying the files to my documents/my music on c: Unfortunatly I don't have any room on c: How can i change this? Will itunes find my music if move it to f:? thanks
  2. Not sure about the Windows version,
    but on my Mac it works like this:
    go to the prefs and click advanced, then you'll see an iTunes Music Folder location box. Hit change,
    and it should take you to your drives and you can set it to wherever you want. Until I go see what my Windows buddies iTunes setup looks like, that's the best I can do today.

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    click on "File" - "Export Library" ... choose "F:" and save

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    Thanks, it is the same.
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    Do you have to replicate the subdirectory structure accurately? I have typed in the song title/artist on the audio source page but this does not transfer, even when it gets it from the database automatically. I don't think I want to type in the details of every song I have. Where is the itunes community forum?
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  7. Why use Itunes when you can get it for free? Can't understand that concept.