Its your turn to vote here on the Goldman Sachs-gate conspiracy

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Do you believe there was collusion between senior government officials and Goldman?

  1. Yes, there was collusion between Goldman and the government.

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  2. No, there was no collusion.

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  1. Its your turn to vote on the Goldman Sachs conspiracy. We all know that there employees are geared up to receive record bonuses this year and its all on the American taxpayer who is now out of a home and a job.

    Please feel free to comment on the conspiracy.
  2. Cicero


    Goldman guys and the FED are old boys network and even family
  3. nobody's bonus at GS is on the back of any tax payer, you moron. GS has repaid its due to the government. Everything else you can scream and kick about GS's relationships with the rest of the world as much as you like, it just shows that you have way too much time at your hand to bother how others make their money!!!

  4. maxpi


    People that want to punish somebody have to be suppressed... it is considered one of the main reasons that Japan went into recession decades ago and never recovered.. it just doesn't work that way, economic things cycle and nobody can stop it and nobody is to blame really... if you are jealous then next cycle, be on the right end of the deal.. people that don't know history are doomed to be on the wrong side of the trade....
  5. It pains me every time you open your mouth about Goldman or Asia, or just about anything else.

    You must work at Goldman at their Asia desk, or something - seriously.

    I'll propose this deal for Goldman: Let's go back in time, and they don't get any government money, and the U.S. doesn't bail out AIG or any other entity that owed Goldman money (but couldn't pay without taxpayers footing the bill) because of CDSs or other bets Goldman made with (then) insolvent entities.

    Do you think they'd take that deal, and if they did not, what shape would Goldman be in today?

    Thanks Joe Taxpayer for your 182 billion dollar bailout of AIG (so Goldman and Buffet could get paid).
  6. oh ByLowSellHighAndStillLoseMoney...again...

    buddy, first you doubt men landed on the moon, then you are all over the Guantanamo story, then you need to vote republicans out of office because democrats have all the solutions to menkind's prolems, then you bash Obama for being a republican in disguise, then you are over GS for how many months/years now. Dude, get a life, really! Now you make me work at GS, which I clearly don't. Your constant negativity about GS and all firms related to finance are really old the way...we have already made a low around the beg. of March 09 while you have been bitching about GS the markets have traded up 50% and 100%+ in China...get a life

  7. Just thought I might bump this higher to get more constructive commentary on the conspiracy at Goldman and more votes.
  8. Lethn


    It's the Federal Reserve who have connections with the government, Goldman Sachs are the ones who are friends with the Federal Reserve and asked the Federal Reserve to help them out.

    That simple folks.
  9. the1


    Exactly right! Without the assisstance of the government GS would have suffered the same fate as LEH and BSC. Shit, all you gotta do is follow Paulson's phone records.

  10. 394 views, 44 yes, 7 no. There you go. :cool:
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