It's True: Gekko=Longshot

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maureen Dowd, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Had a quant/mathematician look at the sequence and replies of Gekko/Longshot. His conclusion: Unquestionably the same person. Possibly Fruity too but on that he was only 60% certain. Gekko you are a tool dude.
  2. i don't need help from anyone to come to the conclusion that you are a damn fool. who posts something as stupid as that?? btw, it's obvious you yourself are using an alias, but honestly, i don't even care.

    that said, LongShot must be a pretty cool guy.:cool:

    go back to your sandbox, dude.. (and take aphexcoil, alfonso, TM_Direct, ChaosNSX, dbphoenix, tampa, ARogueTrader/OPTIONAL777, Commisso/Specul8er/etc., burnin, and Scientist with you)
  3. Hmm...You're first post in a week/after a very busy Longshot night. Very strange that shortly after Longshot logs off Gekko logs on. :confused:
  4. funny you mention that. aphexcoil was just signed on, now he's not and you are. nice job....

    so now you're pretending to be a woman, aph? :-/
  5. More great work from Sherlock Holmes. Do you apply this type of rigorous detective work with your religion studies?
  6. No, I really am Maureen Dowd. No alias. I'm just like Don Bright.
  7. Word on the street is you're also using THE MAN these days. Keep up the transparency. No one see's through it. ROFL!!
  8. No way, unless he litterally has multiple personality disorder.

    While GG is friendly towards me, longshot is hostile & vicious- and mistakenly presumed me religious:

    Quote from Rearden Metal:

    I do enjoy meat, cigarrettes, sex with sluts, booze & drugs, and I'm not willing to give up any of these things.

    ...and if my habits shorten my life by 5 to 10 years.....big fucking deal. The last 5-10 years of the elderly are their worst years anyways. So maybe I'll be spared the pleasure of living to age 90 in a urine smelling nursing home, unable to wipe my own ass, or recognize my own friends. I can deal with that.

    That said, I would like to see more humane slaughtering practices of livestock. Animal suffering should be avoided, even if this will cost us a few more cents per pound of meat.

    hey thats fine with me. GBYE DUMB A$$! BTW you are shortening your l(pathetic) life by about TWENTY FIVE YEARS (on avg). But who cares. not me (if you dont get aids or lung cancer first) BYE! HAVE A NICE TRIP! MEL! MAYBE YOU CAN GET A ONE WAY TICKET TO THE RESURRECTION?! :-/
  9. that was an obvious joke man in reply to your quip .. i have nothing but love in my heart for you :)
  10. WOW you're way off base here dude. GG is a kewl smart dude but i aint him dude. :cool:
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