It's Time to Short the US Equities

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by glennw, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. glennw


    All my indicators are bullish...
    Everyone I talk to is bullish...
    My shoeshine boy is bullish... (Joseph Kennedy comment circa 1929)
    You can't hardly find a bear...

    Now is the time to go short! I guess you can call me a contrarian.

    I'm not saying stand in front of a speeding train. All I'm saying is start looking to find spots to short equities in the US market. There may be as much as 10% more upside, but after the glow starts wearing off, (already starting) Look out!

    I'm not outright short yet, but I'm peeling out of my longs. I'm looking to find good short positions at this time.
  2. Robwynge


    How many shorts have to lose their money before they accept we're back in a bull market cycle? I tried to short the breakdown below 990 the other day and you know what happened.

    Do yourself a favor and at least wait for some committed selling activity. Better yet, use the next pull back an opportunity to go long.
  3. jaymac21


    this is how u get destroyed in the markets. let the trade come to you. until you see confirmation of a market reversal.. why chase it? riding the momentum is making me a fortune.
  4. 8/12 to 8/19
    “This week's survey saw bullish sentiment fall to 34.1%, below its long-term average of 38.9%. Neutral sentiment rose to to 25.9%, below the long-term average of 31.1%. And bearish sentiment rose to to 40.0%, above the long-term average of 30.0%.”

  5. nome


    As long as there are newbies continually trying to fight this rally it will be to early to sell. Do me a favor and post back when you are forced to cover due to lack of funds. Then I will know it is time to short.
  6. hahahaha. good answer
  7. Stop making shit up. Everyone and their mother is bearish citing reasons why we need a correction, the runup is manipulated, etc.
  8. jaymac21


    then again, i would sell into strength. or at least sell half and ride the rest for a free trade.
  9. You need catalyst.
  10. So full of shit that you can't find a bear... I can barely find someone that isn't looking for a correction, people are still VERY bearish.
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