It's time to short the market for what's coming next week

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  1. Markets have been sideways for more than a month, without being able to make new 6 month highs, no possible good news for next week, so it's time to go short.
  2. Are you using your social security number as your user ID? :confused:
  3. "1234? That's the combination on my luggage!"

    --Rick Moranis, SPACEBALLS!
  4. Mvic


    Are you from the Magnolia State? :)
  5. if you enjoy losing money, be my guest
  6. Quick, gain access to his IB account and short the ES.
  7. You're evil. :D
  8. Actually Mel Brooks said that after Rick Moranis said to dick van patten, "What kind of stupid combination is that? Thats the kind of combination that an idiot would put on his luggage.
  9. Obama & the PPT will not allow that. They still have a good 50 billion of buying power left for propping and the banks aren't done recapitalizing yet. The good thing is the government is having a hard time raising funds to pay for their stupid ideas, so at least the end is in site. I predict 10K on the Dow will be our top and then a death spiral.
  10. Stocktrad3r's new fake account to confuse the market.
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