ITS Time to SELL !!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by phil1424, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. I finally had enough and bought in everything I had short !! I couldnt take anymore torture and pain and finally threw in the towel I had more or less been holding since August . Needless to say I have HUGE losses for the yr. And would probly EASILY win the award for '06, as the stupidest trader , if not for all time ... So this is your chance to get short , now that Im finally out , its sure to turn down here very shortly !! Good luck to all !!!
  2. Well you'll sleep better now.

    Sorry, don't know what to say.

    ....except maybe, sorry.:(
  3. pussy.


    come on the fun is just starting for us shorts.
  4. Heeeeeee's Baaaaack:eek:
  5. yeah, thought we are not any where near finished with this rally...thx.
  6. I think the high is already in...
  7. what were you shorting phil?

    goog 515-451=nice short

    aapl 92-81=nice short

    rimm 139-127=nice short

    bidu 128-115=nice short

    yahoo 28.86-25.28=nice short

    whole foods another nice short.......plenty more to choose from:)
  8. actually, i forgot rimm was 143 in ah/pre-market.

    so you were the worst trader this year, big deal, that means you learned what not to do the next time you encounter the same circumstances.
  9. S2007S


    dont worry same thing happen to me when I went long around June and and everything was still dropping, ended up selling most my longs for losses, looking at it now I regret it. I am short more stocks now than long, holding out patiently for the market to pullback.
  10. Remember, if you don't bet your chips you can't win, but if you lose all your chips you can't bet.

    I set stop loss limits for myself. If I hit them, I am out of the market for a while. That way, you ensure long term survival.
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