Its time to review the top threads on ET for 2007

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackherman59, Dec 24, 2007.

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  4. Yes you are correct.

    I vote for your thread AHG, by the way.

    I have been using a similar method for swing/position trading for quite some time...good on you for posting useful information.

    You have contributed greatly to ET...I haven't read more than the first few pages, and a few more random pages here and there, but the fact that you aren't running a chat room, and you are drilling in the most important aspects of trading is all I need to know to vote for you as the top thread of the year...


    Michael Scott runner up. Damn I wish we still had those pics here at ET. LOLOLOLOL
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  5. Thanks Reaver

    As far as BnB, not even the roofies in college could compare to that shit!

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  6. No problem man, thansk for the great thread.

    As far as the comment on BNB-
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  7. the bnb stuff was great fun; but as far as best thread to me...pabst breaking the niederhoffer blow up is #1. not only did he break the story (a news item on it's own), but he got the attention of the accused who convinced baron to censor the thread. pabst hung tough to his story and was later proven completely correct. that was some great drama and showed some qualities of people that i will never forget. i hope pabst saved some transcripts.

    of course es journal is way up there, and the others mentioned earlier; but that niederhoffer story was captivating.
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  9. Forex

    Hope I didn't offend you, I just thought some of the posts were comical

    Merry Christmas
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