Its time to review the top threads on ET for 2007

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jackherman59, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. It has to be AHG for the best content, the funniest thread was the guy buying the SBUX June calls at .50, just hilarious
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  3. Funniest of the year "honorable mention" would have to be anything from sykes.....should end up in congress fondling little boys with about 20k in his freezer.
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  4. Sykes has been nominated to several awards for 2007.

    I am in the process of compiling posts and threads to award him w/ the greatest award any ETer has EVERRRR been awarded. You'll have to wait for the new year for this award to be disclosed.. :D
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  5. You can't top spirit for pure entertainment value.

    honorable mention to Tim Sykes, definitely receives douchbag of the year, at least spirit is entertaining.:D
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  6. J Spirit or anything related to BnB Analytics that thing was better than anything Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Mark Myers or Belushi ever did.

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  7. edpolton


    My vote is AHG.
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  8. you mean, BnB DIDN'T become a top trader, after a month of self-discovery? He went from begging for mentors to having his own successful trading company in 2 months!!!

    I wonder if Baron grasps that getting $500 for a month of Funtime Follies from the Sideshow acts costs him more than $500 in credibility???
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