Its time to review the top threads on ET for 2007

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  1. I think its that time where we review and reflect on the top threads of ET in 2007. 2007 was an interesting year, Im sure you would agree. We started out very bullish and went through quite a few ups/downs.

    I have combed through ET and these were the most meaningful posts for myself. When you see a meaningful post, it helps to bookmark it on favorites. That way you can come back and read it again and learn. So here is my list for 2007.

    When I log on to this site, I gain serious insight as a trader and these posts help me in my everyday work. I cant thank Baron enough for this site and hope that he stays with it in the future.

    Please feel free to add to this list. This is in no way complete.

    So without further delay, here is the list that I have on my favorites as the top threads for 2007.

    Urgent Message from Rennick

    s&p just made intermediate term top@1440.1

    Don’t B Stupid when it comes to AAPL

    Larry Williams arrested in Sydney for tax evasion


    9/18/07 - A Sad Day For America

    Taking 76K to 500K by Year End

    I'm done trading. I FAILED

    Living on a boat and avoiding taxes

    I paid for 'the Secret'

    Is IB completely down now and for more than 30 minutes!!!?

    Pictures of your trading stations

    Al Gore - Democratic Party candidate in 2008.

    The constant Hershey Threads
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    there's 2 that were of which was on niederhoffer (not the one you cited), where baron was lied to about the fund's performance, pulled the thread, and the original poster (pabst prime) was proved correct.

    the other is the war of the turtle trader vs. the turtle author. that was pulled as well...
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  4. AHG X 2
  5. lol I was constructing a similar thread with awards and everything.

    You beat me to it.

    The I-have-Officially-Seen-it-All Award

    .. he brought you Youtube clips

    .. he's the next David DeAngelo --

    .. he even turned down ONE MILLION DOLLARS
    .. in case you ladies out there were wondering.. YES, he goes downtown..

    .. and coming to a bookstore near you.. "Make Your Own Paycheck"

    BNB Methlabs Inc!!
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