It's time to get serious on Sirius

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  1. This stock has been an absolute dog but we have had a triple bottom on this stock, and it is begining to show signs of strong momentum.

    I have been trading this stock all year, mostly on the downside, but it is definitely time to be long on this sucker.
  2. Sirius is getting sucked up in the updraft from XM. Take a look at XMSR's chart and then SIRI--which one do you want to be long?
  3. I still want to be long on sirius. Sirius has gained an enormous amount on xmsr. Sirius will be the winner in the satellite war.
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    I agree about SIRI being a buy here.
  5. I think that even though they adjusted sub estimates lower and took a hit recently, the Xmas season will prove to be stronger than expectations for them and they will blow the numbers out.

    Especially with Howard doing Letterman, Conan, and Kimmel this week!
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    The stock is a dog because the company is a dog, with a losing business model. The chart looks like it does for a good reason.

    They've got Stern making the rounds of the talk shows just to keep his face in the public because he can't draw new subscribers. The shock-jock can no longer shock. He got sucked into a dark hole when he left the public airways (Thank you Mel Karmazin!) and there he will remain, along with the stock.
  7. This stock will double before the end of next year. I am playing both as a swing and a long term trade.

    Almost all new cars will have satellite radio. The dealers and the car companies will offer free satellite for a year as a bonus to sell cars.

    This stock can do nothing other than rise dramatically in the coming years. If you are in your 30's you could buy nothing but this stock and retire handsomely on your profits.
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    I haven't even looked at satellites since Loral/Globalstar went backrupt, dumped all the stockholders and took a whole lot of my money with it (and lo! It's still in business! LOR is at $22.69 right now, GSAT at 14.10. They're booming after going backrupt and stealing all the investor money and eliminating all debt. What a crock).

    I looked at SIRI's financials, and they look incredibly similar to Loral/Globalstars right before they kicked all their investors to the curb. It'd be nice for them to start with a clean debt slate too. What would stop them?
  9. They just don't need to do it. You are comparing satellite phones with satellite radio. Satellite radio will have a huge market share and will eventually move ahead of broadcast radio. The masses will demand it. Very few people need or want satellite phones.
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    do you think they want to pay Howard all that

    I think they payed him with 7-9 dollar shares. Am I wrong.

    their keeping the stock down for a reason.

    you can buy all Sirius shares you like, look at all the volume
    out there to buy.

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