It's time to blame others for trading failures

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by 4DTrader, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Too often we were told it was a noble thing to do to blame oneself for our failures. Too often we refrained from finding the causes of our failures in other people and things. You know what, enough is enough, it is time to corret this self-imposed attributional error, and it is time to blame others.

    I'll start with one reason of trading failures: IB trading platform.

    I think 95% of ET traders failed, because 95% of them rely on IB trading platform. If you look at the "Brokers" link, you will find 95% of ET users have experience with IB and commented on it (their opinions are irrelevant, because they don't know what they are thinking and doing).
  2. The market is always going the wrong way! :p
  3. Lucrum


    They do have their problems from time to time but my TWS seems to be working OK.
  4. If you belong to the 5%, you succeed in spite of IB trading platform, not because of it.

  5. Thanks for at least one more thread whining about IB.

    It is apparent why you are in the 95%
  6. imo the fed should cover all my losses.
  7. The lottery corporation is rigged!!!