Its time for richsohn to get banned

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OVERtheLINE, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. starting false rumors about competing firms

    publicly lying and dishonestly undermining members who disdain his firm

    58 posts all slamminmg competing firms and members

    its time to put a end to richsohn
  2. He would just come back reincarinated as richsohnII or something like that.

    Have to agree with you though even though I hate censorship. I just read 3-4 threads tonight and every post of his was the same old tired incorrect, often false, uninformed, sometimes vulgar B.S.

    Makes you wonder what it takes to get someone banned around here. How many more posters can I add to the ignore list?

    Time for ET to clean house or give the core users a better way to take out the trash themselves other than the lousy ignore feature.

    The website is a real treausure, but every now and then if you don't take out the trash, the place just attracts more and more cockroaches like it has lately.

  3. maybe anybody that starts a thread should be able to prevent a user from posting to it.
  4. dookie


  5. has the right idea. What if people were given moderating power over their own threads? That might solve some problems. Of course it might create more whiny threads and cliques, but at least it would get rid of a lot of crap.