It's time for change: Man filming on public property put in choke hold by police

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Sep 22, 2010.

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  2. Hello


    I love mildred crumps explanation at 1:40

    "His side of the story is that he had asked him not to do it and when he persistd he decided he would not take it anymore."

    So this justifies choking someone out?

    Plus at 0:50

    Someone in the background says "you cant arrest him."

    And the response from the pig is "I can do whatever i want."

    "I can do whatever i want" Has been the police mentality for years, and the great equaliser in the last few years has been the invention of the cellphone camera. It is simply amazing how many of these guys get caught on film now abusing their authority ever since everyone with a cell phone has the ability to film, and the ability to prove it.

    You can find a new video daily of some abusive fuckwad pig somewhere abusing someone with a taser.

    Im not sure the inventor of the cellphone camera had this idea in mind when they created it but that has been the single greatest tool ever created in modern days to monitor police brutality. And the funny thing is these assholes are still brazen enough to do whatever they want, all because of a corrupt system, where they more then likely will just get a paid sick leave for this kind of shit.
  3. Yah, and if you dare try to defend yourself against the pigs, IF you make it out of the hospital you will be in jail for 5 years easily.

    Yet when some pig gets his brains blown all over the street it's a "tragedy" and "brutal" and "no one can understand" etc. WTF? There's no mystery to me why it happens...

  4. If the race roles were reversed (black cameraman and white officer) this would be a major racial incident that would be plastered all over the news.
  5. Hello


    From the movie "The Departed", one of the greatest lines i have heard.

    Billy costigan: Do they all uh, do they all come in here and cry, your cops?

    Psychologist: Some times they do, yeah sure sometimes they cry, yeah, if they have had trouble at home if they have had to use their weapons

    Billy costigan: Use their weapons, let me tell you something they signed up to use their weapons, most of em, alright, but they watch enough t.v. to know they have to weep after they use their weapons. There is no one more full of shit then a cop, except for a cop on t.v.

    Listen to the soundbite at the following link, i couldnt embed it. My writing doesnt do it any justice.
  6. And the commentary made here would be of the opposite advocacy.
  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    not by me it wouldnt.

    hard to argue FOR anyone who is FOR taking away constitutional rights.
  8. da-net


    I do not believe that the TV station or the cameraman are going to let this be swept under the rug. It made their news broadcast, so that definitely shows their thinking.

    The council woman upon seeing the photos of the cop's conduct realized that he had not only put himself in jeopardy but had put the city in jeopardy as well. here is what i mean; is obvious that the cop overstepped his authority (councilwoman agrees through actions)
    2....the cop through his conduct assaulted a peaceful citizen
    3....the cop was carrying a weapon at the time
    4....the cop was acting as an agent of the government at the time (never off duty)
    5....the above would constitute felony assault on part of the cop
    6....there were other cops there that failed to protect the cameraman's rights, thus they have ethics violations
    7....if the government has similar abuse cases by any governmenmt employee, that establishes pattern behavior
    8....the prosecutor would be required to file charges against the cop for felony assault
    9....the prosecutor would be required on conviction to notify P.O.S.T.

    with the above an enterprising lawyer could represent the cameraman and possibly file a civil case against the government, the cop and possibly the other cops for charges of civil rights violation, assault with a weapon, conspiracy, and RICO....what are the odds of this happening? with lawyers hurt just as bad as other professions. I think pretty good chance of it.

    I would like to have heard the conversation between the councilwoman and the cop, it would have been very interesting.

    just because the cop gave the cameraman a summons is just the cop's attempt to CYA and an honest judge and jury would see through that