it's the time of the day again

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  1. 2:10

    time 4 a rebound in2 the close

    bfft this sucks though..i really need a rally soon of i'm fucUck3ddd
  2. ...must...............resist............................comment
  3. Ribs


    I enjoy your humor stocky

    but if I found out that you are really that stupid

    I would be really depressed and disappointed in humanity
  4. IT does not suck...
    YOU suck...
    IT is great...
  5. The macro economic conditions are very bullish, actually. We have non exsitant inflation, no deflation, moderate unemployment, and proposed tax cuts and spending. It's free money. This is the perfect setting for a multi-year rally.

    Tim Geithner gains on november 21st stil holding.
    There is no limit to the amount of abuse that guy can take
  7. Ribs


    "moderate unemployment"

    LOL funniest shit ever, keep it up :D
  8. Please tell us from what book you get your knowledge about macroeconomics so that we can find the author and have him shot...
    You are a gigantic idiot douchebag putz...
  9. l2tradr


    Oh nnoooes, Spooz up 3.5 points...what fake imaginairy recession, weeerrrddd! Buy V, GOOG, MA, AAPL, POT, PCX, MOS 'cause I know how stocks w3rk...
  10. It's that time of the day when we move more worthless threads from stock_trad3r to chit chat.
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