Its the great depression today! (for Russia)

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  1. Looks like their stock market dropped 17.45% today and then trading was halted. Guess we know who the oil speculators were.
  2. Russian and China's equity markets are imploding. While China's bear market appears a bit more orderly, the velocity of the collapse in the RTS is breathtaking.


    Can't wait to see the next Forbes 400 and see how many Russian 'businessmen' dropped off the list :cool:
  3. LEAPup


    With Oil and Gas pulling back... Well, you know the rest.
  4. It's been easy going for Putin and his KGB Inc., running their show when money was pouring in from rising commodity prices. How well do they do though when international capital is fleeing Russia with its undiversified economy will be a good tell for Russia's economic future IMO.
  5. ElCubano


    same for his new buddy Chavez....
  6. Why does South America always hide under his bed when all his boasting of the new strong kids on the block implode?

    It will be great when Chaves is ousted from power and hanged.
  7. Arnie


    I believe a good part of the Russian stock decline is due to them over playing their hand in Georgia. And a well deserved decline it is.:D
  8. I can't imagine a more crooked operation then the Russian Stock Exchange.
  9. i think it is mostly oil related. nobody really cares about what happens in georgia.
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    When totalitarians go down, they don't go down easily and w/o a fight. They are not just going to watch it all evaporate.

    In other words, this is not going to play out well for the rest of the world. (especially small foreign countries in their area that could potentially help them get monopoly profits in oil, when the free market is not going their way)
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