It's the end of the world as we know it

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  1. Is it me or are the "world is ending" doomsayers out in force lately? I suppose I would expect them to flourish the more negative the media gets, but I find myself being affected mentally by the constant reading of things like "riots, political unrest and total chaos in america by 2012".

    Perhaps it is the advancement of the internet and things like youtube that allow anyone with a webcam the ability to post their doom and gloom - I don't know. When I look back to recessions of the early 80s, it is impossible to tell if this type of media/public information campaign was prominant then. Does anyone recall if people were spouting on about the end of the world as we know it? Or is it something new?
  2. I remember reading about studies that showed every generation thought the world was going to end in their lifetime. So in my mind, this isn't something new.
  3. I'm sure that's the case. I just find that the deeper I get into trading and investing, the more worried I get about the future. Now I don't know if that's because I tend to become bearish as a protectionist measure, or whether it's because there's just so many doomsayers in the investment community that I find myself constantly reading their take on the world.
  4. Mr J

    Mr J

    It's always the end of the world, yet the sun remains to rise every morning.
  5. The End is Always near" Jim Morrison.

    Nevertheless, America is going through a very fast change, a destruction more like it.

    End of the world? NO. End to "Capitalism" as we know it, yes.
    We should be in a full blown Depression by end of 09. Now, will this cause Riots? Not sure. Most likley, no. Maybe a few spots here and there. The sheeople voted for Obama who is spending 12 cents on the dollar, for stimuls and 88 cents on the dollar to Grow and Support Goverment. (Bush created 60% in crease in Gov. since 2001 and Obama has increased Gov. Spending 25% in less then Two weeks. Those sheeople will not riot.

    Not over-reacting (You tube crazy's) as well as not sticking your head in the sand, is no easy task.

    You must relize and accept the Facts. You have to read between the lines of mainstream press. There are a lot of hints in global papers.

    If you see the market rally, lead by Banks, you know its bullshit.

    All in all, position yourself for the Fall and if it happens, you'r all good. If it does not, well your even in a better position.

    Buy guns. Not joking. Not for war but for value. Ammo is up well over 500%. Guns, well be harder to get by 2010 but ammo even harder.

    Live below your means. Stack cash for exchange, (Not fucking gold). Food, just have a few weeks supply of dry goods, just incase transportaion is interupted.

    Then enjoy life.......smoke pot, make music, ski, etc ....just have fun on your off days.
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    Well, the media is good at this.

    Remember 1930 and the broadcast of "War of the Worlds".

    1.3 million people actually believed we were being invaded by Martians.

    Then in the 1960, a New York, I think is was Buffalo NY, radio station announced for 2 weeks, every hour that they were going to rebroadcast the original "War of the Worlds" broadcast and gave the date and time. During every intermission, they repeated that the broadcast was a dramatization.

    Guess what? nearly 6,000 people listening to the broadcast actually thought the Martians returned to destroy us.

  8. One of my favorite all time skits.
  9. Hope for the best, plan for the worst... I have guns, ammo, gold, jewelry, junk coins, survival stuff.. it's a big game to me almost like Boy Scouting but worse comes to worst I'm good to go... I'm starting some food production in a very small scale but setting it up so it can be expanded rapidly... worst case scenario, I'm selling food to everybody that can get to my place with their family heirlooms... cash will be king a year from now, little doubt that 2009 will be a disaster of some major if not epic proportions.. the current government does not have answers to the problems at all so they will be fanning the flames and making things worse...

    I had relatives that made a fortune, not a small fortune but a big frigging fortune by buying property in the Great Depression, farms for $25 that were worth a half a million twenty years later and provided income all along.. cash will be king... political sentiment is cyclical, currently it is moving towards "government is the answer" but give it time and they will be getting out the way...
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    Stockpiling cash maybe OK, but

    For how much $$$ would SELL your last bag of rice????
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