It's The ECONOMY Stupid!!!

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  1. Gee, the West Coast Dock Strike is costing $1 billion dollars per day, which comes to $30 billion per month.

    Analysts say that a war with Sadaam Hussein will cost us $9 billion per month . . .

    When is the FRAT BOY in WASHINGTON, DC gonna realize that ITS THE ECONOMY STUPID !!!

    So far, he's doing the exact same thing that his Dad did back in 1990-91 when the economy fell into a recession, and his Dad chose to concentrate on "foreign" affairs.:(
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    Heck, that's the idea, detract from domestic troubles, pretend there were a real threat out of Saddam, get the desired personal revenge for the family out of the whole mess, LOL, start a war, waste BILLIONS, kill lotsa great american soldiers for zilch, but, hey.

    Well, hopefully, like Daddy, like Son.

    Adios, amigo Presidente, off to your Texas ranch.:D



  3. Hmm, the democratic based truckers union is off the mark, but you guys think it's the president who is at fault for not whipping them. Interesting. I think too many presidents in the past have jumped into things that should have been settled by rational minds. Too many times both sides feel that they need to max out their positions and the way to do that is to bring in the government arbitrator. So now it has become a legitimate solution to troubles.

    They are clamoring for the economic fiscal driver to help them out. Am I wrong here? The media and other sources are reporting that the average salary out there for the truckers exceeds $75,000 annually. But they need additional incentive to continue to drive.

    How about some of the vast amount of unemployed that you have evidenced become truckers? They could go from not being able to find their government checks (that your data said is happening) to earning their own way.

    Isn't there a category of workers (from your posts) who have an average hourly income of $6.00 that might also be tapped to help out? You think the unions might get pissed at all these people willing to work for a measly $75,000 a year without being members and paying dues? They might not be democrats though so there might not be an allegiance. And they just might be from Mexico. You know, California is getting ready to give out licenses to illegals to make them official! :)
  4. The fact of the matter is that Bush and his cabinet have no idea what's going on with the domstic economy. Like his Dad, George Jr. is much more interested in "foreign" affairs.

    For example, seeing Bush's Labor Secretary on CNBC Friday morning talking about how the Economy is in such good shape due to her "perception" that it only takes the unemployed 4 WEEKS to find a job in this Economy, is DOWNRIGHT SCAREY!!!

    On top of it, she gave CNBC Mark Haynes a very "flip" attitude, reminding Haynes that she graduated with an MBA from Harvard, and that she did not need an Economics Lesson!

    Larry Kudlow says that there is a very strong rumor that Bush will be firing his economic policy team right after the election.
    We can only be so lucky.

    One of the reasons that Clinton did so well with the Economy was because he hired Goldman Sach's Bob Rubin, a veritable GENIUS when it came to pushing the right buttons and engineering lower rates that helped corporations "re-liquefy" their balance sheets.

    Bush's economic team has no idea that REAL RATES are way too freaking high, and that the Fed is way behind the curve in this business cycle.
  5. Actually, we have no idea what the economy could be doing since the congress can't seem to pass any of the proposed legislation. Excuse me, it's all in committee for review and approval. We are still waiting on all the judicial approvals also. And this IS ALL by design. :)
  6. I must say that I have always found it interesting to see mortgage brokers sitting at a bar in my hometown, having tremendously successful years, financially . . . during the years of the Clinton administration, and then they go on to bash Clinton when he was the guy that hired Bob Rubin away from Goldman Sachs, and agreed with Rubin that the government should stop crowding out corporate America with "supply" every other week of the month, 12 months out of the year in the bond market.

    For those of you that have forgotten, Bob Rubin "did-away" with 30 year auctions every month in lieu of a quarterly refunding. This piece of financial engineering "genius" allow corporate America access to much lower long-term rates.
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    With all due respect waggie, you're out of your "freaking" mind.

    You're right about the "engineering" part, though.

  8. Its unbelievable that people could be stock traders or investors without having any understanding of the business cycle or economics. But it is fun to read and look at the funny cartoons though :)
  9. I think it's worse than just Bush and his economic team. Seems like Kudlow or maybe the show after it had a Washinton insider on saying that the economy, tax policy, etc. is completely off the discussion plate in Washington. Put another way, they could care less. That's what I got from this guy.

    Guy's comment scared hell out of me.

  10. It has to be off the table in Washington. If it were out there, we the public would be asking about the legislation and the particulars. But to do so would mean that action was being taken to address the domestic conditions. This delaying just happens to be the way the Democratic party intends to go back after the upcoming elections as well as basic posturing to get the White House back.

    The ploy is to be able to say that there was no policy for the domestic condition of the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. I will say that I don't understand why we don't have more people who would investigate what actually is happening themselves verses looking for reporter's stories to bolster their personal political flavors and positions.

    I'll be the first to call a program out for what I think is wrong. But rather than needing credit (my name on the bill), I'd also offer a way to help it address my particular concern. Have you ever wondered why the political types have to have a republican plan or a democratic plan verses a plan that TRULY works FOR AMERICA?

    This joke of bipartisan support addresses the fact that a politician bought support for a bill by supporting another or, that they let someone add an amendment for something that's totally unrelated and couldn't pass on its own. The American public getting reamed again!

    None of this stuff is secret. Go to the government sites and look up the legislation that is in the pipeline then ask the house speaker, "Why aren't YOU GUYS dealing with this stuff?" Notice I didn't say whether it was good or bad legislation, just why wasn't it being addressed. In other words, I am not supporting or opposing the matter, I'm just wanting it brought out and addressed.

    Now, back up and look at the bigger picture. How much legislation has this particular congress passed and how does that measure up with the usual business of congress? By the way, they were able to address the real important stuff. They did find a way to approve an increase for their own meager wages. Don't be surprised, be real! :)
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