Its that time again - Shorting

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  1. Did you guys enjoy the party for the last 4 months? I did and made some cash.

    Now the party is over, its morning time and Im kicking you to the street. Its time to wake up from your stupor and smell reality. Recession next year. If no recession, then less growth then before and a good pullback in the economy.

    Its time to make a short list

    I say

    All your favorites that you knew and love. Time to take them hostage for a bit.
  2. Thats a great short list if you are planning to lose money for the next few months

    Todays selloff is already rebounding into the close and the rally will resume next week as it always does

    time 2 buy more stocks
  3. Mvic


    I agree Eagle, I have been buying the dips for months and today was the first day that I started to short the indexes.
  4. All these stocks have lots of issues. They may finish December alright, but they wont make it out of spring alive.

    Remember May 1st of this year? The New Year will just be like that. The same issues that existed in May still exist and are much worse.

    I remember May 1st. The spring was so nice. The portfolio looked so good. Then May 1st hit and it was all over. By June, the panic had set in. I thought this was it, bear market mode. It happens that fast and the line has been drawn at the end of this year.

    You can buy all you want, but your going to experience night soon. The sun is only up so long.
  5. Why is the party over?
  6. Um who says it has to stop by newyears? The rally will continue for the next 4-7 years ending in a massive blowoff top. it isnt time to sell until PE ratios go back above 100
  7. Eagle you were wrong last week many times

    Car sales chart means nothing

  8. 5-10 year rally...Im buying some leap calls, thanks for the heads up.:p
  9. I've been putting together a fierce short list I hope to make my first ever short sale soon! Just as an experiment I really don't like the mindset. Anyway two that caught my eye are Itron & Pool.
    These former POWER MIDCAPS...I used them often in past years they are all stars trust me--their charts are really starting to look ugly! A break of $45 for ITRI would be Katie Bar The Door time! 3 month chart is especially horrifying. POOL did one of those bad things it caught an upgrade with a huge price target labored up like 50 cents and then was met with a deluge of sellers. Ugly stuff. Break of $39 not good. Tied to housing.

    Jarden JAH is on my list(another thread) and believe it or not I've begun work on the behemoth MASTARCARD. This is probably the first time you will have heard anything negative about this stock. It's just a hunch now, I've got to do my research but I bet this comes in for a big fall. COF Capital One Nasty Chart as well. I hope to have my list finalized by the end of the year. Now's too quick we all know the computers are talking to each other-- as long as 1400 holds on the S&P we are ok.

    Something bad is brewing in the sub prime loan market... I hope it all holds off till after the holidays!
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