Its technology idiots!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, May 18, 2008.

  1. I've just finished a marathon session of looking at over 150 tech stocks. All I can say is that technology is the place to be right now.

    There has been a move, but the move has not yet completed. The shape of the move resembles the classic cup and we are halfway up it right now. If you want some good trades, then I suggest diving into the charts of the components of the XLK

    Once all these tech stocks get back to the top of their cup, then there is a chance for a breakout from there or, of course, a pullback. I say there is still some up room to go and the decision will be made upon full retracement if a breakout is plausible.

    Stop fooling around with stocks like FMD and GSI. You guys can rent out a luxury apartment in manhattan for an entire year for the amount of cash you have blown on those trades.

    Its time to think tech, to breathe it and to puke it as well. Think tech idiots, think tech. Stop it with the garbage trades.

    P.S.- Think of solar as a tech trade too...
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