It's starting to unwind!!!

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  1. Ok, time for a little doomsday talk. The shit has hit the fan and it has landed on lots of people. Try this on for size . If we give that idiot Paulson this kind of power the end is nie. The U.S. gov't is at defcon 1 right now, scrambling like crazy making insane decisions in a panic. The talk out of polititcians mouths is all 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling'. Now you have Austrailia banning shortselling altogether. This shit is out of control! The U.S. people (and people around the globe for that matter) are going to be panicked into wilfully giving away their rights because a bunch of power hungry, deviant, assholes (Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, and anyone else in politics you want to insert in here), are talking armagedon. Remember what the American public has had forced upon them post 911 "for their own good and the protection of all that is great and just about America" ?
    This shit is out of control! No , not the supposed global financial collapse that is occuring because of the un-winding of derivative contracts and the actions of all those 'evil short-sellers' out there, but because of the opportunism of a bunch of power hungry politicos to try and scare the U.S. taxpayer and other into suurendering their rights and good judgement. This is a disgusting subversive act. For all you salesmen (successful ones anyways) out there you know exactly how its done. You can get people to agree to anything aslong as you, create a sense of urgency (notice how that sounds like emergency) and as long as you make them believe that they are retaining control and making the decisions and that it is 'for their own good' .
    If Americans let this bullshit slide, and allow their politicians to agree to these plans that are being formulated, they may not lose their house today, but they may lose their country tomorrow. I definitely don't have all the answers on this subject but I have seen what these idiots have done so far and it's scary. If they had any real smarts they would have taken preventitive measures that would have contained this situation long, long ago. Instead, they have let it get out of control, and now in their typical, political (or just plain power hungry) mentality are angling to make this disaster work in their favor. It's like the crew and captain running around picking everyones pockets, and stealing their Rolex as the cruise ship sinks. And to imagine, everyone was concerned that CERN' s atom smasher might spiral out of control and suck the planet into a black hole LOL.

    Oh, and one last point. I have never been a gold bug before. Always thought it was just for lunatics. Have to admit that suddenly I am starting to think precious metals might just be a wise decision. Not just contracts on them either, but the physicals.
    I recently heard a story from one of my buddies in the investment business in Canada that a verrrry successful investment/hedge fund manager in Canada who has done extremely well over the years and has always advocated precious metals had himseld a little 'armagedon bombshelter' fully stocked and ready to go. I laughed it off and said "well you have to be a bit ecentric to be that successful", but suddenly I am starting to think the guy might just know something that alot of us don't.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies, next week will be one for the history books.
  2. Defcon 4 is pretty much peace time. Perhaps you meant Defcon 2?

    The lower, the more panic.
  3. Atta Boy... straighten him out!!
  4. Joab


    The average layman on the street believes that this is a GOOD thing for the economy.

    I can hardly listen to the news these days because they are all singing the praises of the government.

    It's a very sad state of affairs.
  5. Thanks Ivan, I edited it. I am no military expert so honest mistake, my guess is you got the point. Funny that was the only thing about the post that got you thinking though...........:eek:
  6. Here's a funny...

    When I went to my first Air Force duty station, a radar site in Minnesota... that very day I was in the crypto vault and read on the TTY that the US had declared DEFCON 1... I just about shit my drawers...

    Nobody clued me in that an "evaluation exercise" had begun... LOL!
  7. Is it the same Henry Paulson that said in Tokio on March 5th 2007 : ;)

    “Some of the credit issues are there, but they’re largely contained. The global economy is more than sound. It’s as strong in the last couple of years as I’ve seen in a lifetime. All the economies are growing, inflation is low, and liquidity is high,”

    If Paulson gets more power as he wants... Good luck... :)
  8. Yep, exact same double talking, stuttering ass , liar, foul ball cocksucker.

    The same guy who gave the big speech on Fri. and said ok all answer all your questions now, took like 1 hard ball question , said to himself oh' fuck, then bailed. Never seen a news conf. end so abruptly. Page right outta George W's book.

    Same thing he is gonna do to the American tax prayer (yes spelled incorrectly on purpose). He'll get his way , do his damage, shit will get tough, and he'll say , see ya later fuckos, good luck cleaning up the carnage!
  9. Fine post.....but paragraphs seperating different thoughts.......they are your friend.
  10. I've been watching the Sunday shows and have to say that after watching Paulson squirm, and the demeanor of the congressmen who had been briefed by Bernanke in private session that we are about to be hit by a shit storm of Biblical proportions. This whole "we've got to do this or else" panic reminds one of that movie where the Asteroid is going to hit and we're finished unless Bruce Willis is able to save the day.

    Fella's, this has been brewing for a while. What we are witnessing is a frightening collapse of our financial system which will likely lead to a new one world system. The Hebrew prophets have foretold that this would happen in the End days, and they have a perfect record. If you can, start loading up on physical gold ASAP, I am.

    Rennick out:cool:
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