It's snowing.

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  1. Seriously? It's fucking April! I know it's Wisconsin, but really? Leave me alone!
  2. Must be the 'global warming' thing.... :)

    I've been working in Canada recently; we still have snow on the ground and flurries every day.
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    Obviously we need a snow tax.
  4. :D

    What else do we know about snow? It's "white."

    More oppression to keep the black man down.
  5. It's Bush's fault
  6. Same thing happened in Colorado yesterday - blizzard out of nowhere.
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    Al Gore must be visiting. Everywhere he goes it snows. :D
  8. Another 6 inches overnight and it's still coming down. Record lows in the teens tonight. Avg low is 39.

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    Ask futurecurrents. He's in charge of global warming so no one is supposed to have to put up with the snow and cold.
  10. "Global warming" is only one side of the coin. The forecasts imply more volatile weather, meaning higher highs and lower lows.

    Forecasts are suggesting one of the most active hurricane seasons ever to come this summer (this is a result of warmer ocean temps in certain areas).

    If you're going to call BS on climate change at least try to understand what the argument is first.
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